From the Retox show back in May.


The Bohemian Rat #8

I had some photos in issue #8 of The Bohemian Rat a 'zine put out by my friend Monika Hooper.
I had some old photos of mine in an earlier issue a few years back but they are in storage at my moms house so I'm unfortunately unable to scan them at this time.
Hopefully I'll have those in my possession soon and I'll scan and upload those as well.


empty promises help to forget

I've got a whole bunch of stuff that needs developed and I'm about to start a big scanning/re-scanning project so expect to see a bunch of stuff on here soon.
I'm also going to be working toward a project I hope to have finished by mid/late fall.
So keep an eye out for that as well!




SCISSORING pre-order is up
The cover is one of my photos.



scissoring cover

I don't think I've mentioned it on here but I'm proud to say one of my photos will be on the cover of a soon to be released album by Scissoring - No Dreams/No Regrets.

Samples here

More linkage


Archives #2

Steel Bridge.
A rare vertical shot. I don't do that very often.


I'm gonna be digging through some old Photos and scans for the next few days. I'll see what I can pull out from the past that has thus far gone unseen.

I also have some unscanned rolls that will hopefully be scanned soon so there will also be some "new" stuff.


Digging through the archives


No. But really....

....I do promise to post some new stuff soon.

In the meantime here's a photo of my cat.

Something to checkout.

Everybody Street
A Film by Cheryl Dunn



I haven't been getting much work done.
Sorry to anyone who has bothered to come here only to find the same old shit.
Finding time to shoot has been tough lately.
I'm hoping to have some new content by the end of the month.


for your perusal.

Boogie is maybe my favourite photographer. Him or Daido Moriyama depending on the time of day you ask. Go here look around there is days and days of stuff and it's all amazing. then get his books. Belgrade Belongs to Me is simply amazing.